Many people want to eat healthy, are unsure what healthy food is and what to choose. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have you eat salads all day every day, it is about adding healthy food into your meal. Try something new in your meal.

For example

  • Try adding some spinach to your next sub as compared to iceberg lettuce,
  • If you’re tempted to get a second serving of fries, try a small bowl of fruit instead.
  • Next time you’re at a restaurant and your asked if you want a side of soup or salad, try the salad. Even if you don’t end up liking it, you still have your main dish to satisfy!
  • Try adding some vegetables to your dinner plate next time you visit the dining hall, instead of that extra serving of mashed potatoes and gravy.

All it takes is just something extra or different to your meal to help get you on the road to eating healthier and getting the real food your body needs to get you through the day. For more healthy swap tips, check out this article from Spoon University, it gives some more great healthy swaps not only in the dining hall, but also in your room too!


This post was written for Marketing 376- Advertising & IMC at The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.