This is a social media client report I prepared with help from a partner for the non-profit Community For Hope. Community For Hope is a non-profit serving the Winnebago County and providing services to those who are contemplating suicide, and their family and friends. They also work to end the stigma around mental and emotional distress that people face.

I provided my client not only with a report, but deliverables including, a podcast created by my partner, Facebook and Twitter content schedule for 1 month and 2 weeks, respectively, and sample posts for Instagram, along with a short video created by my partner. This was developed and presented in front of our client for Journalism 440, the Application of New and Emerging Media course at UW Oshkosh. I also provided my client with a digital portfolio with actual images and files for their download.


Through this project, I learned how to work with a client in an educational setting. I also learned how to work with a partner on a group project that extended the entire semester, which contains multiple different parts. It was great experience to work with Community For Hope and to help them continue with their great mission.

Download the Client Report

This report is for use only by Community For Hope.