Happy Face Apparel is an e-commerce website built on the WordPress platform. The features include:

  • Built on WordPress
  • Integration with Quickbooks Online
    • Inventory and product sync
    • Order Syncing
  • Shopping cart using WooCommerce
  • Stamps.com Integration
  • PayPal Payments
  • Website security including an SSL Certificate


I learned the most from working on this project. As my first project for a paying client, I learned the value of keeping good documentation and good communication. At the start of this, I really only would call my client and that didn’t work very well. So then I would start to email, and I learned the importance of that, because I wouldn’t hear back from my client for a day or two because they were so busy running this large small business and in the middle of moving locations. I also learned documentation, in the sense that I should be documenting everything I do and the conversations I would have with my clients, to ensure the complete success of the website and our business relationship. I also learned that, I should allow for changes with timelines, and make it a moving document, versus a set in stone document. This project also taught me the need for a work-life balance, and that at times you need to say “No, I cannot work on it that day” and to take the time I needed for me. I learned good communication between not only myself and my client, but also my supervisors on the project, and to keep them in the loop about all communication, so no one is at any surprise if they get a a call about something. I learned the most from this project, and most of all, I learned perseverance, and that when things get tough, the tough get going, and make it the best job that they possibly can.