Peppler Properties, LLC is a property management website built on the WordPress platform. The features include:

  • Built on WordPress
  • Multiple Forms that email data and store the form entry on the server
    • One form with hidden fields gathering the page sent from
  • Features over 40 property listing pages
    • Included Photos
    • Pinned Property on Google Maps
    • Lists property features
  • Can narrow down properties down by location, rental status, and number of bedrooms
    • Number of bedrooms is a manually added in search field


This was a good learning experience on how to manage my time properly and on research for clients. Through this project, I had to research and test the different property management plugins available not only to make it show the listings the way I wanted it to, but also to allow me to sort by custom fields. Part of this project was to sort by the property type, such as single family house, apartment, duplex, and so forth, to allow for the best selection of website visitors. It taught me valuable experiences with emailing the client versus calling them, as my client was very buy and wasn’t always by his desk. This was overall a very successful project for the client and myself.