The Advance-Titan is a news site built on the WordPress platform.

  • Built on the WordPress platform
  • Features accounts for staff and community members
    • Allows for uploading of resumes and photograph examples for staff
  • Security built in including SSL Certificate
  • Photogalleries included on some articles
  • Photos contain photo credit


This website, was the first website I created for someone besides my self that was very successful. When I was younger and much less experienced, I tried it a few times, and they never took off and this website taught me so many things such as accountability, being true to my word, be clever, and if the theme doesn’t let me do what I want- Make it do what I want through brute force (hard coding into the theme). I also learned many things from this website, after it was fully functional, one thing is to expect the unexpected. I learned this time and time again, if it was from certain plugins having adverse side effects, to making sure you have USABLE backups, to just making sure to do your homework very thoroughly to avoid the hard work in the future and how to work within the bounds of the state purchasing guidelines, something I never expected to learn. I was most proud of this website, and it is still one of my proudest accomplishments to date, as it took 9th place in the nation for large school websites at the National College Media Convention.